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baby url names
baby domain name
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baby domain names
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Buy Baby URL Name.  Get Baby Domain Names:

A growing number of parents are getting URL names for their babies or young children, long before their child can use a computer.

No one knows how many parents are getting baby URL names, but the trend has moved beyond parents in IT or web design occupations.  Parents worry their baby URL address of choice will not be available once their baby has become a teen or adult.  In fact, some companies are snapping up common baby domain names and re-selling them for high prices.

With the internet so important, establishing a person's future digital identity is critical some people think.  In addition to buying your baby's URL and other baby items from shops like, expectant parents should create baby registries at popular retail stores, allowing their friends to know what gifts to purchase. A lot of lawyers or consultants or even doctors use their personal name as their website URL or business address in the online world.  Some have paid a pretty penny to buy their URL name in the aftermarket, but thought it was easily worth it for personal branding.

A typical teen's life now centers so much on Facebook and other online sites.  Imagine if one day the baby URL name you get today would take you directly to those social-networking profiles, blogs, photo albums and more.

A baby domain name is the starting point for your online identity.  A URL name is the starting point upon which all other internet services are based. So while the online landscape is sure to change in the coming years, there's more than a good chance that website URL addresses will still be a key component in how the internet works.  Just think of your baby domain name as reserving online real estate for your child. Even if you live in Canada (Canadian URL Registration).

The price of baby URL names are so cheap compared to diapers or even future college tuition.  A baby domain name is a great gift to a newborn.

In addition to providing an easy to remember internet address, the baby URL name makes possible email addresses without extra numbers.  Your kids will thank you later for not have an email address like "miketanner59".

Some parents just sit on the baby URL names they've purchased.  Other parents have created websites on the baby's URL with photos, baby blogs, and other personal uses.  In fact, if this is the route you're thinking of, you may want to get your baby URL name as part of a cheap web hosting package that runs ~$6/mth.  A baby website on your baby's URL address is a great way to update to keep loved ones updated without sending files through email or otherwise.

Other parents like to build a website on their baby's domain.  It's pretty easy to build a website these days.  Use a free tool like Wordpress on a cheap month to month website hosting option.  Learn more here or here.

Note:  a https URL means that the domain name has a SSL certificate installed.  You basically only need to do this if you're planning to sell products on your website.  Learn more here or here.

So consider getting a baby domain name.  A baby URL address is cheap, and your child or grandchild will thank you one day.

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