Establishing a Baby’s Digital Identity by Registering Their Domain Name

baby digital identity playing with a computerEstablishing a baby’s digital identity by registering their name as a domain website address is a growing trend among parents.  The baby digital identity trend also includes setting up Twitter, Facebook, and even email accounts for their toddlers – sometimes when they’re still in the womb. doesn’t track how many domain names were registered for baby names.  However, Go Daddy did research all new domain names with the most popular baby names of 2011.  What did they find out?  The number is up significantly from 2010.

“The domain name is like 21st century real estate, 21st century identity,” said Warren Adelman, president and Chief Operating Officer of to KVAL. “As a result, they want their kids to have it. So yeah, more and more parents are making sure they get that [domain name] for their child at birth.”

Parents think owning their baby’s domain name and Twitter handle will not only serve as a possible digital baby book for friends and family post finding a web host, but set-up their baby well if he wants to work in the computer industry one day if the baby chooses.

Google may have kick started the trend of babies with URL names and other digital identities with their ad campaign for Chrome web browser.  In the commercial, a father marks the milestones of his young daughter’s life by sending her email messages, starting on the day she is brought home from the hospital.  It’s a touching ad that I’m sure influenced parents to consider their baby’s future personal website address, email, and Twitter handle – perhaps even more than the intended commercial message of downloading Chrome.

So register your child’s own URL website address now to make sure no one can snatch it up before you.  It could already be taken.

Establishing a Baby’s Digital Identity by Registering Their Domain Name

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