Get These Web Assets or Properties for Your Kids

kids domain names5 Web Assets That You Need To Get For Your Child

It is sometimes really hard to reserve a web property. As time passes, there is a growing chance that you will no longer be able to do so because someone else registered that property before you did. According to Tech Mamas founder, Beth Blecherman, people will simply buy a domain name before doing anything else. The same thing applies for the web properties.

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What Web Properties To Reserve For Your Child?

  1. Domain Name (also known as a URL address or website address)

Nowadays, a domain name with your own name is really important. It will also be really important for your child. There are basically two circumstances that can appear. In the first scenario, the domain name is available and you can buy it immediately. In the second scenario, the desired domain is already taken. In this case, you can use a good whois service that will tell you exactly who the owner of the domain name is. See when it expires and hope that you can buy it in advance. If not, you can contact the owner and negotiate a sale.

  1. Gmail Address

The number of people that are switching to Gmail is huge. Reserve the name for your child well in advance so that he/she can use it in the future. This will give her a stronger web identity and we are sure that this is something that will be enjoyed in the future. You can, of course, use an email address that is associated with the domain name but most people simply use Gmail for convenience purposes.

  1. Google Plus

This is a really interesting social network. Most people rely on Facebook but that web property is easier to get. The Plus account is really intuitive when it comes to security and it can be used by the child at a young age. In addition, you can control Circles and this is an added advantage.

  1. Facebook

After you get the G+ account, Facebook should be next. The problem is that Facebook does not allow a user that is under 13 years old. However, you can still join and just sit on that account until the child can take control of it. Do not forget about adjusting the URL so that it reflects the name of your child and that nobody registers it before you do.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is a lot bigger now. Its huge growth is something that the creators never saw coming. Make sure that you register a suitable Twitter account for your child. Since most Internet connected devices allow you to post to Twitter and there are so many apps that can do just that, it is a guarantee that your child will utilize it when he/she is older.

Until the child becomes responsible and can take control of the sites and social networking profiles, you can just wait for the time to pass. These digital gifts will surely be appreciated and it can actually help you to get some quality time with your child. Teach them all you know and watch the digital empire grow.  Soon enough, they’ll be ready to build a website with help from sites like this one or this one.


Get These Web Properties for Your Kids| Domain Name URL Website Address

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