Top Baby URL Names in 2011| Register Your Child’s URL address

The Social Security administration recently announced the most popular ten names used for kids born in 2011, which is shown below.

The SSA data went well beyond just the top ten.  They also published a full list of 2,000 most used girl and boy baby names in 2011.

For those of you that know a little bit about URL web addresses, you won’t be surprised to know that every single one of the top 2,000 baby domain names are already owned and registered.

Most of the popular first name and common last name URL name combinations are already taken as well.

Now, do babies need domain names? Not right away of course.  But there’s a reason some parents change the original choice of first name just to be able to pick a first name and last name domain that hasn’t already been registered.  Odds are, a decade or two from now when your kid wants to use a website in his name for any one of a multiple reasons, the matching domain name will already be registered.

So why risk it?  Grab your kid’s matching URL name now; it’s inexpensive. When they are old enough to understand what you have done, they will be grateful to you for doing it. Remember, the world they will live, will be a web ‘connected’ world.Popular baby names 2011


Top Baby URL Names in 2011| Register babies URL address

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