Blue Ivy Carter Domain Name and Twitter Handle – Owned By Beyonce and Jay Z?

Beyonce and Jay-Z were thrilled to welcome into the world their first child on January 7, 2012.  Her name is Blue Ivy Carter.

So where did Blue Ivy’s name come from?  Blue may be a reference to Jay-Z’s three Blueprint albums.  Ivy may be a play on the Roman numeral IV, as in the number 4 – as in the Blueprint 4.  This is just speculation of course as the power couple have yet to explain the origination of their daughter’s name.

Some crazy numerical conspiracy theories are running rampant on the internet.  Ivy, they say, is an acronym for “Illuminati’s Very Youngest”.  “Blue Ivy” is supposed to be a secret code revealing her membership in an ancient and all-powerful occult secret society – ya, right.

Another crazy rumor floating around is Blue Ivy’s is a child of Lucifer.  See this tweet from the Katt Williams Parody Twitter account:

I.V.Y. = Illuminati’s Very Youngest B.L.U.E. = Born Living Under Evil. Blue Ivy spelt backwords (Eulb Yvi) = Latin for “Lucifers Daughter”.

— Katt Williams Parody (@KattWiIlliams) January 8, 2012

Other, more pragmatic, thoughts on where the name came from include a tie to a jazz singer Ivy Anderson who sang the blues with Duke Ellington.  However, it’s not known if Beyonce and Jay-Z even know the singer.

So what are your thoughts on where the name came from?  Feel free to leave a comment.

I just think the name is good branding.  Blue Ivy Carter is a catchy, memorable name.  Jay-Z and Beyonce are wealthy celebrities who are masters at self branding.  So lets see how good of a job they did in obtaining the digital assets necessary for an online presence for Blue.

Twitter @BlueIvyCarter

The Twitter handle @BlueIvyCarter was already taken.  The account is unverified.  It has 180 followers when this blog post was written, and had yet to tweet.  It isn’t known if Jay-Z and Beyonce control the Twitter account or not.  Most likely they do not.

Domain Name (baby URL address)

who owns BlueIvyCarter domain name address The domain name was registered on January 8th, 2012 to an unknown person.  This most likely means Jay-Z and Beyonce dropped the ball and don’t own the domain.  A savvy digital expert most likely snapped it up as fast as they could type when the name of the famous baby was announced.  The reason we don’t know for sure who owns it is the “whois” information is masked.  See the image via, where the domain was registered.  In the future the person who owns the domain could find a web host and build a website on the website address.

So it appears Jay-Z and Beyonce’s team will have to do some work and pay some money to get the digital assets for their newborn child.  Don’t make the same mistake.  Register your baby domain name now.


According to a story today in the Washington Post, Jay-Z and Beyoncé  have filed a trademark application on their baby’s name Blue Ivy Carter, On January 26th.

The application was filed by TBGK Trademark Holdings,  Beyoncé’s company to cover all things fashion as well as baby carriages, baby cosmetics, and diaper bags.

So this is a good lesson for all parents, especially celebrities – make sure you check URL availability and buy the matching .com domain name of your baby before announcing it to the world, especially if you’re planning on trademarking the name.

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