Harvick Baby Owns Domain Name And Twitter Account

Harvick Baby Already Has Domain Name And Twitter Account

kevin harvick sonDeLana and Kevin Harvick’s son was recently born but he already has an online identity that is prepared for him when he grows up. Upon birth, the baby, Keelan Paul Havick, weighed in at 6.8 pounds and was 19 inches tall. Even before he was born, he had his very own domain name registered in his name and a Twitter account to utilize.

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Kevin Harvick made a really interesting statement about this. He declared that his son, Keelan, has everything already registered due to a fear that a fan would use that website name or Twitter name. He added that the baby will have everything that he might want to use in the future. The purchase was just done due to personal security reasons and peace of mind.

Harvick shared that he can miss the Daytona Coke Zero 400, but there’s no way that he’ll miss one of the most important moments in his life – the birth of their first child. Kevin did almost everything right and he was at home to witness the birth of the child. However, he drove the wife to the hospital too late. This made an epidural impossible and DeLana went through birth without the aid of painkillers.

Harvick declared that he was not a favorite person in the heat of the moment because of the lack of epidural. Fortunately, the birth went on without problems and everything was natural. The health of the baby is okay and this is definitely what counts the most.

For Harvick, it was obvious that the really important moment in life was the birth of the child. He would have missed any race in order to be together with his wife during that time. It is clear that the family is important since Kevin Harvick Inc. was sold in the past year in order for him to be completely focused on his family.

Hundreds of families today are doing exactly what the Harvicks did (and shopping at http://www.shopstellarbaby.com/ too!). This is not because of being famous, although it is something that is mainly considered by celebrities. It is hard to deal with fans because of the fact that they will go on and buy a domain name that is exactly the name of the baby of a star that is born. This is very easy for anyone that has a credit card and an Internet connection.

Some people simply buy domain names in order to sell them at a later point in time. You might end up with the name of your child being already taken simply because of this reason. When you hurry and you make the necessary purchase, you can be sure that this will not be a problem in the future. The child can choose to use the domain name whenever he/she wants to and this is what counts. Social networking profiles like Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter are also reserved with the exact same reason. Make sure that you also do this for your child. He will definitely appreciate that gift when older.


Harvick Baby Owns Domain Name Website Address And Has a Twitter Account

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